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NEXT DOOR was named "a superb collection" by LOCUS Magazine in their 2021 Horror Year in Review - still boggled that my book was named alongside the biggest names in horror. 

I'm a Little Brain Dead Awards and Honors:
Nominee for an INDIE Book of the Year in Humor, Foreword Reviews
International Book Awards Finalist for Humor
Readers Favorites Awards Finalist for Humor
Readers Favorite Reviews 5 Star Award
Top Ten Best Indie Books Amy's Bookshelf Reviews
Writers Digest Life Stories Honorable Mention Self-Published Book Awards
Amazon 5 Stars

"We are held by fear. We are held by laughter. Oh, how well Basso wields this double edged sword."
- Julia Simpson Urrutia, Author of Under a Crescent Moon
for a complete review and interview, please see Grassroots Writers Guild's Blog

How many wildly honest, heartbreakingly human, hysterically funny memoirs have you read about having a stroke? Exactly! Do yourself a favor and jump into Basso's brain immediately and hang on for the ride of your life."
- Tania Katan, Author of the award-winning book My One-Night Stand with Cancer

"Allowing the reader intimate access to every reflection as it is being made gives the author room to demonstrate her wit and hilarious composure (or lack of the same) with all the flair of a standup comedian... I'm a Little Brain Dead reminds me why I like talented writers so much"
- Judges Notes, Writers Digest SP Awards
5 out of 5 in all categories

"Roll-on-the-floor hilarity"
I'm a Little Brain Dead Reviewed By Neil A White for Readers’ Favorite
When reading an author’s recollection of the sudden, awful realization she is having a stroke, and of the ensuing fear and uncertainty associated with how one’s life may forever change, roll-on-the-floor hilarity isn’t the first reaction that comes to mind. However, Kimberly Davis Basso manages to produce such a gem with I’m a Little Brain Dead. It should be said, in all seriousness, that suffering a stroke is no laughing matter. A shame no one informed Ms. Basso. Walking the reader through her experience from the initial event, to her first of numerous hospital visits, an untold number of medical practitioner interactions, plus an MRI freak out, we’re treated to a wonderful lesson in how keeping one’s sense of humor can get one through even the toughest of situations. And as an added bonus, how to survive the zombie apocalypse – I promise I won't spoil the surprise here.  

I’m a Little Brain Dead is not without its poignant and serious moments. Ms. Basso’s life was saved by her 8-year-old daughter knowing the procedure for dialing 911. An accompanying Appendix provides many important tips when faced with a medical emergency. And when facing surgery to repair Ms. Basso’s hole in her heart? Well, who better to laugh in the face of danger than our intrepid author, even though she may quite possibly be dehydrated – you really need to read the book. In fact, I had so much fun reading Ms. Basso’s romp through the fields of medical practitioner double-speak that I’m thinking of scheduling a procedure for next Tuesday.

"A wicked, wicked sense of humor...she's wonderfully witty, I'd love to meet her."
- Cathy Speight  See the entire review at Cath'n'Kindle Book Reviews

"Undeniably funny"
I'm a Little Brain Dead Reviewed By Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers’ Favorite
“Let me walk you through the luckiest day of my life. Or as I like to call it, Tuesday.” Thus begins Kimberly Davis Basso’s unfortunately-inspired but undeniably funny recounting – at least as told in her sometimes hyperbolic (a likable trait she still retains, according to her) sometimes unbearably agonizing (in a good way) and always, always, highly self-deprecating (she might not admit this) style – of the infamously lucky day, a Tuesday, that she experienced a real, true, authentic neurological event commonly known as a stroke, leaving her to unequivocally title this recollection: I’m a Little Brain Dead. Which she immediately sets out to prove. And if her eight- year-old savior daughter found it necessary to laugh, well then, you might as well laugh too.

Kimberly Davis Basso is not kind to those she skewers in I’m A Little Brain Dead. Or maybe she is just hyperbolically honest. Even the happy daughter and the supportive loving husband come in for more than one sardonic sideways glance. But Ms. Basso’s primary targets for such honest exposition are the very caretakers whose job it is, in her mind, to fix her. Make her all better. Within a reasonable amount of time. Ms. Basso seems obsessed with time, but her rationale is contagious. Listening to her tell her tale from the viewpoint of the one inside, the reader becomes a bit sarcastic and impatient too. In fact, the reader begins to think he or she is perhaps a little brain dead also. If so, the author will rapidly convince the reader that – to steal an old Reader’s Digest phrase – laughter is indeed the best medicine.
"Incredible memoirs...powerful...unique"
Top 5 - 5 Star Reviews
Top 10 Book of the Year
- Amy's Bookshelf Reviews (click here for the full review)
Want to read it and post your own review? I'm a Little Brain Dead is available on Amazon. 

"Shatters the mold"
I'm a Little Brain Dead Reviewed By Annie M. on Amazon, 5 Stars
As my friends and I slide into mid-life, we find ourselves reading books about our relative health, the declining health of our parents, and, inevitably, death. And while these sorts of books are often thought-provoking and discussion-starting, I can't imagine describing the reading itself as enjoyable. Kimberly Davis Basso's I'm a Little Brain Dead shatters the mold on these "you should start thinking about your health" books and brings much more to the reader than important information, namely laughter. Basso's chronicle of her experience with stroke reads like a one-woman show, owing to her decades-long career in the theater, and is equal parts informational, irreverent, touching, and hilarious. It's no wonder that I'm a Little Brain Dead was recognized by the International Book Awards for humor, as Basso's witty voice shines through in every part of the telling. I wish that I could have Basso in my head every time I faced an uncertain medical adventure, I would surely be entertained for the duration.

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