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No Help at All by Kimberly Davis Basso color cover_edited_edited.jpg

No Help at All

We are changing things up with No Help at All! It is available for pre-order (April arrival) right now if you buy direct. It won't be released wide until October of 2024. Gasp! You can't wait that long, you need No Help now!

No Help at All

If a Swiss Army knife and a self help book had a baby, that would be a really useful book. This is not that book - KDB spent a year trying to improve herself and failed. Utterly. Part diary, part DIY guru, part self-help reality check, No Help at All is for everyone thinks self help is great but doesn't necessarily want to put in the work. If this description has been useful to you we sincerely apologize. Like Congress, we are trying to be as useless as possible. Are you a reviewer? Get in touch for a review copy.  

Publisher: IngramSpark


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