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NEXT DOOR was named "a superb collection" by LOCUS Magazine in their 2021 Horror Year in Review - still boggled that my book was named alongside the biggest names in horror. 

KDB's interview with GoodRx on being a being a stroke survivor and how you can protect your brain. 

Talking Book Publishing interviewed KDB about self publishing her third book. 

Want to see what the fuss is about? Shop KDB's books here.

What fun! Link to my interview with the delightful Vanessa Vicente of VeesReads about Birth and Other Surprises. We were at Bel Canto Books, one of my favorite indie  bookstores,  located in Long Beach, CA.

Readers: Kimberly's books are widely available - purchase in person through your local bookstore, or online at your favorite retailer. If you have questions, or can't find what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us

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LOCUS Feb 2022 Kimberly Davis Basso's horror collection Next Door named a "superb collection" in the 2021 Horror Year in Review from LOCUS Magazine
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